🇬🇧 Welcome to the Moerser Snooker-Club

Due to a new Corona regulation the club is open again. No rapid test is currently required for access.

What we offer:

please see "Über unseren Club"

How to find us:

please see "Kontakt / Anfahrt"

Our tariffs for guests: 

  • Short time tariff:        3 €/30 min.
  • Daily membership:  15 €  (under 18 or students 10 €)
  • 5-daily-tickets:         60 € (under 18 or students 40 €)
  • Cues, chalk and all needed equipment is available to guests for free.


Our membership fees:

  • Membership for working adults: 60 € per month 
  • Membership for couples:            100 € per month
  • Students or pensioners:                 40 € per month
  • Under 18:                                          25 € per month 
  • At the end of a 3 month trial period a one-time admission fee is due, amounting to a monthly fee. All members can use the clubs premises unlimited and without additional costs, so play or practice as often and as long as they like. After the trial period, you can get your own key to the club rooms. There is also a small closet for each member to contain cues and other materials in the club. 


Need more information or details ?

Don‘t hesitate to call us or send an email to info@moerser-snookerclub.de

We look forward to see you in our club.